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"The days when it was possible to collect this many Sinatra Cal-Neva Lodge records may already be a thing of the past!"

Below is a sampling of some of the artifacts that were produced and/or used at Cal-Neva Lodge.  Items have been grouped into categories

for interest purposes only.  This does not represent a complete inventory of all items possible in each category.  Scroll down for more thumbnails.

For more detailed information please refer to "Cal-Neva Revealed".   Era definitions are listed at the bottom of this page (click to jump to section).

Lodge Artifact Era Groupings

Early Lodge Collection 

Adler Era Item Group 

Sinatra Era Artifacts

Bluth Era Items


ASH01- Early Adler Era Ashtray (1948-1952)

ASH03 - Adler Era Co-branded Tray (1953-54)

ASH05 - Grober Era Ashtray, clear glass

ASH11 - Sinatra Era Ashtray

ASH15 - Cloud's Casino Ashtray

ASH16 - Kerkorian Era Ashtray (1976-1979)

Early Lodge Depression Glass Ashtray and Matches (1935-1938) [MISC01 w/ MAT01]

LIG01 - Adler Era Lighter (1948-1955)

LIG01 - Adler Era Lighter, Reverse

LIG03 - Sinatra Era Lighter, small

MAT02 - 1937-1940 Lodge Matchbook Cover

MAT03 - Adler Era Early Matchbook (1948-1952)

MAT04 - Grober Era Early matchbook (1955-1956)

MAT06 - Sinatra Era Matchbooks (1961-1963)

MAT07 - Sinatra Era Matchbox

MAT08 - Post-Sinatra Era Matchbook (1967-1970)

MAT09 - Cloud Era Matchbook (1980-1983)

MISC01 - Depression Era Glass Ashtray Used at Cal-Neva (1935-1938)


Food and Drink Related Items

COA01 - Sinatra Era Drink Coaster


MEN01 - Sinatra Era Lunch Menu (no Frank logo on this item)

MEN01 - Interior of Sinatra Era Lunch Menu 

MEN02 - Celebrity Room Dinner Menu - Sinatra Era

MEN02 - Reverse of Celebrity Room Menu 

NAP02 - Dinner Napkin, Post-Sinatra (1966-2003)

STI01 - Sinatra Era Drink Stirrer


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Marketing and Oddball Items

BAG01 - Shopping bag Sinatra Era

BIN01 - Opera Glasses, early-1950's

BRO02 - Sinatra Era Lodge Marketing Brochure

BRO02 - Interior Marketing Brochure, Sinatra Era 

CLI01 - Adler Era Money Clip

MAL01 - Drink Mallets, late 1950's

MAR01 - Sinatra Era Golf Markers, Orange Plastic

TOK01 Louis Prima / Keely Smith Drink Tokens (1958). Light Blue also known. 

REC03 - Sinatra Era Souvenir Record Sleeve

REC02 - Sinatra Era 45 RPM Record

TEN01 - Adler Era Table Tent (1950-1954)


Casino-related Items

DIC01 - Adler Era Die

DIC05 - 1969 Indian Girl Logo Dice

CHI08 - Grober/Sinatra era $1 Casino Chip (1956-1961)

DOL01 - Adler Era Jackpot Doll-in-a-Bottle Giveaway

DOL01 - Top of Doll Giveaway 

DOL01 - Bottom of Doll Giveaway




All item reference numbers can be found in the "Cal-Neva Revealed" Appendix E - Memorabilia Price Guide

on pages 298-308 where price ranges are included and many more items are listed.

Lodge Eras

Sherman Era → 1924-1928

Blitz Era → 1928-1930

Graham/McKay/Remmer Ownership → 1930-1948

Adler Era → 1948-1955

Grober Era → 1955-1960

Sinatra Era → 1961-1963

Kerkorian Era  → 1976-1980

Cloud Era → 1980-1983

Bluth Era → 1986-2005

Namvar Era → 2005-2008